Since the integration of the FILTARO range, GTM France has more than 20 years of experience in the research and production of passive and active anchors.

We offer our customers anchoring systems for thermal power plants, port extensions, bridges, etc. as well as for mechanical engineering.

Our primary product range for port activities is anchors in S355, E 500 or special grades on request with accessories such as

  • ordinary tie rods from M20 to M170 in lengths from 1 to 18 m.
  • upside down tie rods up to M150,
  • short or long sleeves for adjustment, connections
  • tie rods made of UPN, UPE, HEA,…
  • fixings on concrete walls and others

Our second product range is treated (ductile and high impact) prestressing bars in grades HSA/HTSR D30 to D200 and lengths from 1 to 14.8 m.

These prestressing bars are treated by induction hardening (Q+T) in permanent rotation (unlike our competitors’ processes), an innovative process that GTM has mastered for 20 years.

This treatment technique allows us to offer bars up to M200.

Our third range of products are specific anchors meeting particular criteria.

These anchors are made of titanium, aluminium or, more specifically, stainless steel (ranging from grade 275 MPa to grade 1200 MPa).

We deliver all products and turnkey construction kits to all construction sites worldwide.

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