Anchoring systems for port extensions, bridges and mechanical engineering

For more than 20 years Filtaro has been an integral part of La GTM France SAS. Thus, Filtaro has more than 20 years of experience in research, development and production of passive tie rods and pre-stressing bars for port extensions, bridges, engineering structures, power plants and mechanical engineering. .

La GTM France has its own facilities for heat treatment and other processing methods like straightening, peeling or threading which allows Filtaro to respond quickly, efficiently and individually to each request.

This guarantees high quality as well as a quick and reliable production for our client.

The range of Filtaro threaded products is available as S235, S275, S355, E500, E700, titanium, aluminium or more particularly stainless steel according to specific requests.

These Filtaro tie rods are custom-made in lengths between 200mm and 18m max, and for diameters between M18 and M240.

Our production means allow us to also supply bars and tubes with an outside diameter ranging from 15 to 343 mm and length (in one piece) up to 18 m. max.

Upon simple request, we can perform non-standard treatments, allowing us to adapt mechanical values according to customer needs between ˃ 800 ˂ 1200 N / mm² as well as elongation and resilience.

While passive anchoring systems from Filtaro are often used in hydraulic engineering/ hydraulic construction like port construction or port expansion, Filtaro Tension structures / Hangers are rather used in bridge construction or machine applications.

Filtaro post tensioning applications are implemented in seismic areas but also in regular civil engineering and construction

Filtaro applications of La GTM France can be found in various countries worldwide and our clients are very satisfied with the high quality as well as our short lead times.

In order to be time efficient and reduce mistakes on construction sites all of our Filtaro tie rods are supplied with accessories such as couplers, turnbuckles and nuts, etc.… as well as the turnbuckles consisting of UPN, UPE, and HEA, turnkey. They can be delivered “just in time” on all construction sites worldwide.

La GTM France is the exclusive supplier for all pre-stressed bars from Filtaro including all accessories for our product “HTSR”.

Hoping that the range of possibilities of our products will catch your attention, we are at your disposal for any request.


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