Harbor Anchorage

Since 2002 La GTM France produces custom made Post-Tensioning Systems, Post-Tensioning bars, passive anchors (tie rods) as well as Hangers (Tension Structures) under the brand Filtaro.

The tie rods / passive anchors for port extensions can be placed between sheet piles or concrete walls.

As we have our own heat treatment furnaces, straightening-, peeling-, thread rolling and other machines we are able to deliver “custom made” according to the individual requirements.

In order to optimize the resistant section of our tie rods / passive anchors, we can supply upset end tie rods (screwed or spherical eyes) in length up to 18 meters depending on the site specifications.

Furthermore, all the tie rods including plates, nuts and sleeves can be supplied with or without spherical bearing to accept any inclinations.

Additionally, each plate is sized according to the surface specifications, concrete, walling systems or sheet piles.

Our walling systems for example in grade S235, S275, S355 or S460 are manufactured in length up to 15 meters and consequently delivered with the fixing accessories.

Moreover, our product range for port buildings are rods in grade S355, S460, E 500 , E700 and accessories such as:

  • Usual tie rods (M20 to M170) in length up to 18 meters max.
  • Upset tie rods ends until M150, (picture “DSC_2386 Upset end tie”)
  • Eye tie rods (picture: eye tie rods)
  • Spherical head anchors
  • Ball bearing housing
  • Short or long sleeves for adjustment, coupling sleeves (picture “sleeves”)
  • Walling systems in UPN, UPE and HEA, … (picture liernes)
  • Fasteners on concrete or metal walls

Designation of standard steels, mechanical characteristics according to EN 10025:

Grade Tensile strength Yield strength A% KV
S355 490 MPa 355 MPa 22 According to the heat treatment specification
S460 720 MPa 460 MPa 17 According to the heat treatment specification
E500 700 MPa 520 MPa 15 According to the heat treatment specification
E700 800 MPa 700 MPa 15 KV (+20°C) ≥ 55 J

KV (-20°C) ≥ 32 J

(Other mechanical values on request)

Finally, we deliver all products and key building kits ready to be installed at all sites worldwide.

Some references:

1998 Egypt
2002/2003 Dunkirk Docks of Flanders
2006 Reunion Island
2008 Rouen Quai des Moulineaux
2008 FOS 2XL
2011/2012 PAPEETE and Wallis
2013 Port of Le HAVRE
2013 Docks of LOBITO
2016 Toulon
2017 Saint Saulve

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