Our last productions


Lahlou Viaduct Morocco 2016

The development of the dual carriageway linking the TGV Casablanca to Tangier (200 Km) include 12 viaducts, 169 roads, bridges and bridge rails and over a hundred of hydraulic structures. The line will be ready in December 2018.

GTM France provided HSA bars (870/1070 MPa) in diameter M36 and M42 in embedded anchors to attach the anti-seismic jacks on the Lahlou viaduct.


Fatigue test D95 2016

In July 2016, GTM France realised a fatigue test following ETAG 13 and AASHTO on a diameter 95 mm [bar with plates, nuts, etc.] Quality HTSR (1050/1200 MPa), with fully success. This test confirms one more time the high performance of GTM France SAS products.


Special steels for aircraft industries 2016.

We supplied special grades of steels for manufacturing of power generator axes, in aircraft industries. Last deliveries: customize 46SiCrMo6 grade according to NF EN 10089-03, quenched and tempered with full respect of all requirements.



Luxembourg Adolphe Bridge 2016

The Adolphe bridge crosses Pétrusse in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Capital between the Royal Boulevard and Liberty Avenue.

The book, designed in part by Paul Séjourné is a major achievement of his career, Its name comes from the Grand Duke Adolphe who reigned in Luxembourg from 1890 to 1917 and its purpose was originally to allow the tram Luxembourg – Echternach to cross the Pétrusse Valley.

It consists of three arches each paired with two 21.60 meter aperture and a central arch of 84, 65 and 31 m arrow to a total length of 153 m. This cartridge on the main arch keystone represents the arms of the Grand Duke Adolphe. Its construction took place between 1900 and 1903.

Today, the Adolphe bridge is a major tourist point of the capital and a major element of the Luxembourg heritage.

Le Pont Adolphe, who is over a hundred years, suffers from various pathologies that require to repare. The project includes, in addition to treatment degradation, expanding the apron and construction of two-way tram. A second temporary bridge, the Pont Bleu (due to its color) was built in parallel, allowing not disturb the flow of traffic during construction.

GTM France provided the HTSR quality bars Diameter M36 length between 3 and 6 meters. The characteristic being the realization of a single prestressed, and the use of stainless steel hood 1.4462 grade whose anti-corrosion properties are higher in this steel range.

La GTM France 2015 2 3 mLa GTM France 2015 1 3 2

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4


Oil rig Canada 2016

These bolts are going to be used as anchor points connecting the bottom concrete structure with the top mechanical facility in steel with a weight of >40.000to.

GTM FRANCE provided these bolts and all accessories in various special steel grades (some are modified) and stainless steel customized quenched & tempered on its own heat treatment equipment.

We achieved high mechanical values combined with high resilience even at low temperature. The bolt dimensions are M 138 with a modified trapezoidal thread.

La GTM France 2015 2 3 mLa GTM France 2015 1 3 2

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4



Dam Switzerland Chancy Pougny 2015

The dam Chancy-Pougny is a Franco-Swiss hydroelectric dam on the Rhone.

Located on the border between Avully (not Chancy as its name might suggest), in the canton of Geneva and the town of Challex (not Pougny) in the department of Ain, it is operated by the industrial Services of Geneva and the national company of the Rhone. GTM France has provided length rods 3-5 m between M60 and M170 to strengthen the foundations of the dam in grade steel HTSR

La GTM France 2015 2 3 mLa GTM France 2015 1 3 2

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4

La GTM France 2015 3 3 m


CNM, Nîmes / Montpellier deviation 2014

Since January 2014, within the new high speed railway bypass Nîmes-Montpellier, Oc’Via Construction has been constructing the viaduct Lez-Lironde in Lattes.

This project with a length of 576 m consists of a 90 m viaduct.

The metallic structure includes two side arches on which the hangers, delivered by La GTM France, are fixed. These hangers in grade S355NL have an outer diameter of 180 mm for lengths between 3.2 and 14 meters [no coupler \ in one piece!]

The hangers with a cold threaded rod end support the deck (slab) of the construction. The set consists of the pier reinforced concrete and two viaducts, in concrete and with steel, allows crossing three successive lines (the Lez River, the Georges-Frêche Avenue and the Lironde River).

The project was finished by the end of 2015.

La GTM France 2015 2 3 mLa GTM France 2015 1 3 2

La GTM France 2015 3 3 mLa_GTM_France_2015_4-4


La GTM France HTSR bars Hammersmith bridge in London 2014

After the first phase of work to repair the Hammersmith Flyover before the London Olympic Games in 2012, Freyssinet has been chosen again for the second step. Work to strengthen the structure with special La GTM France’s bars, with the bearings replaced, a new carriageway drainage system installed and the entire flyover waterproofed and resurfaced, has started in January 2014.


The use of UHPFRC UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete) added with the La GTM France’s bars, as the key element in the new post-tensioning system is an innovation in the field of PT works.
UHPFRC is used in this application for the first time in UK. The main benefit is the reduction in both size and weight of the concrete anchorage.
The work was completed in summer 2015.

Hammersmith (3)Hammersmith (4)

Hammersmith (2)


MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations) 2012

The museum is built on the site of the historic Fort Saint-Jean in Marseille as the city was designated European Capital of Culture in 2013. The 130 meters long footbridge connects the fort with the museum. The museum was designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti and represents a cube of 15,000 square meters. We supplied the stainless steel bars which serve as bracing and are visible in the restaurant on the last floor.

Our SS460 grade is specially treated to resist corrosion in aggressive environments, such as saline or polluted atmosphere.

Further advantages of this grade are the high mechanical values compared to traditional stainless steel 316 or 304, not forgetting the high impact test values which are required in seismic or cold areas.

These cold threaded bars which are manufactured on our machine 120 T increase the strength properties of our rods.