Machined Thread

Our rolled threads are realized thanks to our hydraulic machines with 2 and 3 rolling tools.

We regularly work on diameters between 16 and 200 mm or even beyond for certain applications, for all types of threads (ISO, trapezium, round …) and all types of steel (class 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 …).

The quality of our machines allows us to work in fields where the precision of the threading is essential (post tensioning) wind, oil …).

Thread rolling has several advantages including:

high precision (reproducibility and homogeneity of the ribs)

a fibering of un-machining steel (conferring a better resistance)


Cold Rolling Thread

Our cutted threads are made with our chasers. Our customers (in the port, general mechanics …) have trusted our products for 25 years to improve their performance.


Machined/Cold Rolling Threading

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