Quality Management and Laboratory

Customers’ satisfaction is our priority and as a result, the Quality Assurance System, fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001 standards.

1) Impact Test
2) Tension testing machine

Our different working processes are regulated by operating instructions

1) HB 10/3000 and 2,5/187,5
2) HRC

In accordance with this organization, all the operations carried out from order to delivery (Price inquiry, purchasing, heat treatment, finishing, controls, internal audits, …) are governed by procedures which are representative of our expertise.

Microscope for the enlargement of micrographs

Laboratory furnace class 5 to simulate heat treatment cycle

Profile control machine for piece between 10 and 500 mm diameter, this machine is able to control with high precision hundredth of millimetre cold rolling pieces or machining.

Quality Management through Quality

La G.T.M.’s main purpose is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, this one being dependent from:

  • A QUALITY suitable for the Customer,
  • A DELIVERY agreed with the Customer,
  • A PRICE or more exactly a competitive QUALITY/PRICE ratio,
  • A constant LISTENING to the Customer.

The whole staff, whatever the office he is related to, contribute to this target, at one time or another, while being in a continuous progress reasoning.

This organization has been developed according to the ISO 9000 standard requirements.

The Customer department, a daily reality and a state of mind at La GTM.

Our ISO 9001/2008 certificate:
Our ISO 9001/2008 certificate:

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