Quality management

Quality management

The SATISFACTION of our CUSTOMER is the main request of La GTM-France SAS:

  • QUALITY adapted to the customer demand
  • DELIVERY TIME in accordance with the customer,
  • A PRICE or mostly a competitive ratio QUALITY/PRICE,
  • Permanent PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT to customer needs.

Our staff in the company contributes, at any level, to these purposes and is always engaged in a process of constant improvement.

The procedures cover the full range of an order from the early cotation to the purchase of steel, manufacturing, control and approvement of measure instruments, correct treatment of non-conformities and internal audits.

All this have been developed according to the ISO 9000 specification.
The customer Service is, at any time, reality and philosophy at La GTM.


In addition to standard tests such as non-destructive tests (hardness HB/HRC, U.S. control magnetoscopic examination, …) the laboratorycan also carry out:

  • Spectrometry analysis
  • Tests for mechanical properties Rm, Re, Z%, A% (also + 300°C) inclusive resilience Charpy V even at low temperature (-70°C)
  • Micrografic checks (grain size, decarburization tests, structure)
  • MPI : Magnetic Particle Inspection Bars up to diameter 220 mm and 17 meters long.
  • Eddy current inspection method

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