Oil rig Canada 2016

These bolts are going to be used as anchor points connecting the bottom concrete structure with the top mechanical facility in steel with a weight of >40.000to. GTM FRANCE provided these bolts [...]

Luxembourg Adolphe Bridge 2016

The Adolphe bridge crosses Pétrusse in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Capital between the Royal Boulevard and Liberty Avenue. The book, designed in part by Paul Séjourné is a major achievement of [...]

Fatigue test D95 2016

In July 2016, GTM France realised a fatigue test following ETAG 13 and AASHTO on a diameter 95 mm [bar with plates, nuts, etc.] Quality HTSR (1050/1200 MPa), with fully success. This test [...]

Lahlou Viaduct Morocco 2016

The development of the dual carriageway linking the TGV Casablanca to Tangier (200 Km) include 12 viaducts, 169 roads, bridges and bridge rails and over a hundred of hydraulic structures. The [...]

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